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The Golf Club of Tours, as it was originally known, began in 1911 as a 9 hole golf course designed by Louis Decorges not far from the centre of Tours on the Grand Aucard Island on the Loire.
After the Second World War, it was unable to resist the inevitable surge of urban development and the increasing number of members. A move was made in 1971 to a more suitable site where it is today. With the generosity of its founder members and the support of the town of Tours it was able to make a move to the Chateau de la Touche Estate in Ballan-Miré and became the Golf de Touraine.

The 18 hole golf course was designed by an English architect Michael Fenn in 1971 assisted by one of the Club’s members Gerard Crouzat-Reynes, ex-President of the National Sports Commission of the French Golf Federation.
It opened in 1973. Since its opening the course has seen a number of improvements to the course and its installations: drainage, enlargement of the tee areas, automatic watering system, creation of a second putting green, a chipping area and the complete renovation of the driving range in 2011. Important projects are in the pipeline within the long term planning scheme which has been put in place.

The sporting vocation of the Golf de Touraine speaks for itself. The Club has won many trophies in various categories and the golf course has hosted many of the national amateur competitions.
The school of golf for young golfers attracts over 100 young golfers each year. Its main aim is the introduction to the sport for the young and the formation of potential young golfers in preparation for their participation in the various teams.

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